Red Hat Songs


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My kids all think I’m crazy; the hubby just shakes his head…
Everything in my closet is either purple or red!
I’ve got so many red hats, they’re falling off the shelves…
I swear I didn’t buy them all; they reproduce themselves!
My family says I never stay at home much anymore;
They see a “red and purple flash” as I head out the door.
It’s only once or twice a month …there’s nothing wrong with that!
So when they start to fuss, I tell them…“Talk to the hat!”

Talk to the hat, ‘cause Mamma ain’t gonna listen
To fussin’ and whinin’ and moanin’ and cryin’ and harpin’
and gripin’ and bitchin’!
I’ve gotten in touch again with my “inner child”—
I’ve turned her loose and now she’s running wild!
Talk to the hat, and maybe then you’ll see
Why I’ve been so much happier since I’ve rediscovered me.
It’s taken me years to finally get where I’m at,
So if you want to understand, then honey…talk to the hat!

If this hat could talk, girl, the stories it could tell
‘Bout the running around we’ve done, the fun,
and raising a little he**…WELL,
There’s baseball games and fancy teas, shopping at the mall,
Casino nights and racetrack days…this hat has seen it all!
Some things this hat has seen are wild enough to curl your hair,
But it’s really been innocent fun
with all of my “sister-girls”, I swear!
We conduct ourselves like ladies and I’ll testify to that,
And if you don’t believe me, you can talk to the hat!

Talk to the hat—you’ll see these sisters in my life
Have made me a better woman, a better mother, a better wife.
If there were magic powers in this hat, you know I’d share them;
The magic you’ll find in these hats
is from the women who wear them!
Talk to the hat, and you will come away
With a greater appreciation for the women we are today.
It’s taken us years to finally get where we’re at,
So if you want to understand us, honey…talk to the hat!
I said, it’s taken us years to finally get where we’re at,
So if you want to understand us…talk to the hat!
©August 2009 Christy L. Goerbig
(aka “Queen Sassy Southern Belle Christy”)